Squid media is a new social media influencer marketing agency built for Influencers and Marketers. Our mission is to work with companies and influencers to create a long-term relationship between both parties. We are currently located in Montreal, Canada and quickly expanding. Influencers are encouraged to work with each other, to come up with fresh and creative ideas to reach their goals.


We specialize in management for big and small influencers that want to grow their name and their business. We offer free consulting services for our creators to help them with their business inquiries. For us, the concept of community is the most important aspect of the agency. 


Squid Media offers marketers the opportunity to diversify their marketing outlets by using influencer marketing through the help of our many creators. Our agents carefully review all requests from both parties to create the perfect match between the influencer and the company. It is our role to ensure that both voices are heard and that efforts made from marketers and influencers result in a successful advertising campaign, with the use of creative and innovative marketing strategies.

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