For every creator, the number of views, likes and comments is something important. Back in the day, Instagram used to put every post in chronological order however in June of 2018, they revealed the three secrets of their new algorithm.


  1. Interest: Posts that correspond to user’s activity will appear first.

  2. Recency: Recent posts are shown before previous posts.\

  3. Relationship: Posts from friends, family members and users with whom you have had past interactions with are prioritized.

The interests displayed by the user throughout a subject will appear first in the post. As an example, if someone is interested in cars, he will see more car posts than something he's less interested in.

Recency is arguably the most important point, you need to post often so that they remain first.

Why is it so important to post during peaks? When the number of users is at its highest is when your post is more likely to be seen by a higher number of people.

Posts from people you have connections with will always appear on the top of your posts. Family members, friends or random people that you've had conversations with are always shown first.


Deciding the right time to post helps you grow your audience as:

  • 50 000 000 people view Instagram stories every day

  • An average user watches 24 to 32 minutes of stories per day



By looking at Sprout Social’s engagement rate by hours graph, we can observe when the activity level is at his highest:

As shown on this graph, the best time to post are:

  • 9 am to 7 pm is the best time to post, excepting Sunday.


  • Wednesday is the best day to post especially at 11 am.


  • Friday from 7 am to 4 pm has a high engagement rate.


The worst days to post are:

  • Saturday and Sunday are the worst days to post as the engagement rate is low.

  • Before 6 am and after 9pm are the worst time to post.


As the number of influencers and social media’s users are increasing, it is important for every creator to be ahead of the competition by using tools that can help them to blow up and advertise their videos.

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