Have you ever thought about doing influencer marketing and/or social advertising? No matter the answer you have I’m here to inform you about how to make sure that you are doing it the right way to make it the most effective possible.

Before I go into detail in why both influencer marketing and social advertising is important, I’d like to tell you a bit about the two so you understand where I come from and so you don’t get confused. Influencer marketing is when as an influencer you gain the power to drive people towards your or other products and/or services. And that is key when you build your empire of social status. When doing social advertising it is crucial that you do things right because with social status comes advertising either for yourself or for others. This is your bread and butter. To give you a few examples of when your social status becomes big enough for you to build brand loyalty, people trust you and want to buy from you, your marketing costs less, I could go on and on about how this helps you but I won’t cause I trust that you get the point I am trying to make.


Social media is a hard place to try and grow in, which is why you need to put yourself and/or a team in a place where you can overcome this and still succeed and prosper. If you have a decent following on any platform you should be thinking about your next step, scratch that, you should be thinking 5 steps ahead. And that’s why influencer marketing and social advertising is so important for influencers, you need to become known by everyone and then gain everyone’s trust and then that’s where the money starts coming in by the bucket load. You can sell clothes of any kind, be sponsored by companies, be given things and the list goes on. I’ll be blunt with everyone reading this article, if you want to make it big in this world (especially as an influencer) you need to be able to put yourself out there. Talk with people engage with everyone that wants to engage with you. Talk to the right people.  

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